Unexpected: How to Persevere Beyond Your Limits


Unexpected: How to Persevere Beyond Your Limits

In “Unexpected: How to Persevere Beyond Your Limits”, Tori Kruse, Author, Entrepreneur, International speaker, and Miss Missouri USA 2018, shares the roller coaster of sometimes exciting, sometimes turbulent experiences between when she said yes to times of uncertainty and her dreams said yes back to her. This funny and heartfelt personal development memoir is packed with questions and action steps on how to get clear on your purpose on the way to eliminating the world’s assumptions and becoming the dynamic, whole, unexpected version of yourself that you are meant to be.


When Tori Kruse was a determined athlete in Glenwood, Iowa, she had no idea how the days of disciplined basketball drills and perseverance, would lead her down the road of entrepreneurship. In college, she pivoted from sports to pageantry and ultimately ended up on one of the most coveted stages in the country. But it was no easy feat; it took her six tries to earn the crown she worked so hard to achieve. While it took intense commitment, the road to winning Miss Missouri USA 2018 was just one step on the path of becoming the woman she didn’t see coming.


This compelling book is an honest retelling of the fiery moments that challenged Tori’s confidence and the steps she took to rebuild herself. From tomboy to pageant queen, from broken-hearted to motivational speaker, Tori shares her wisdom for living the life you deserve for the benefit of the people you’ll impact, but most of all, for the happiness of yourself.


The book serves as a great gift for anyone navigating the unpredictable process of living in their truth. It is your secret weapon to healing your wounds and showing up in the world as the dynamic, whole, unexpected version of yourself.