Maximizing Your Time and Productivity with Sandi Glandt

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Sandi Glandt is a high-performance productivity coach for female entrepreneurs and a boy mom of two. She helps overwhelmed, stressed out, boss babes maximize their time, energy, and productivity to be present and intentional with the most important aspects of their life. Her zone of genius is helping women go from overwhelm and burnout to balance. 

She is also the cofounder of Project in Charge, an online platform for ambitious women who are looking to tap into coaching tools and training to step into their most powerful version of themselves. 

Sandi started off as a wedding and event planner through which she honed her organizational skills and her attention to detail. Now she’s using those skills to help mompreneurs. “It’s so easy to get off track and just kind of lose yourself. And I do have those clients who are like, I’m a mom and I’m so stressed and overwhelmed. I need structure in my life. And then you add on running a business and a home and trying to take care of yourself on top of it. It’s easy to just let things slip through the cracks,” she explains.

Her goal with each client is to help them “tap into operating at those high productivity levels.” 

“We want to be productive, but also be fulfilled,” she says. “And that’s the main component of it because if I was doing what I do every single day and not being fulfilled as a wife or a mom, or as a friend, or even in my own self-care, that’s not enjoyment. We’re not meant to just live life and [pay] bills and die. We’re meant to thrive. Let’s get out of the survival mode and tap into thriving.”

Before focusing on goals and targets, Sandi recommends coming up with a game plan. 

“We have to first identify what it is that we’re going after it and what that looks like to you. What do I want my ideal day, my time, those structures and systems to look like?” She says you need a plan in place before you hit the road to achieve your goals.

Moving Forward and Breaking Through
It’s also important to know what will move you forward. “That’s why I say being busy vs. productive because so many of us are on that hamster wheel where I’m busy, busy, busy, like I’m getting things done, but I’m not moving the ball forward and being productive. So, what would I like to focus on with my clients is what’s going to move the ball forward.”
The money-making moves, as Sandi calls them, are activities that move you forward, whether personally or professionally, that are going to allow you to be productive, but also feel fulfilled. Her process is simple and streamlined: “I break it down by month because every month I’m going after a different target. So that means I need to align like the goals that I have with the steps that I’m taking. I break it down between my projects, what I’m doing every single day and then my goals. And it’s the system that I walk my clients through or anyone that’s taken my courses in my coaching.” 
Her advice for breaking through challenges and using them to catapult you forward into success instead of setback is “to really focus on what you need to accomplish.”
In uncertain times, she says to get out of “victim mode” because it’s the fastest way to lose. Instead, ask yourself, “What’s right in front of me and what’s one step I can take to move forward, because we don’t want to look at 20 steps down the road, right? That’s not going to do us any good. But if I can look at the one step I can take right now to move forward and make progress, it’s one step and then another, and then another. That one step that I can focus on to keep just moving ahead.”
Mindset Management
Keeping a positive mindset every day is key. To accomplish this, Sandi makes sure to meditate each morning, and again later in the day. “I do it in my five minutes before I transition from work mode into mommy mode. Just kind of aligning myself with where I’m at physically, mentally. If it’s been more of a challenging day, it helps me to just realign myself.”
It’s also important to honor your body, she says. “Listen to yourself. You know what you feel. That intuition of ‘I know when I can push harder and go for more, but I also need to know when to like take it down a notch and just really listen to myself and my body and honor that,’” Sandi notes.
She also cautions against comparing yourself to others, ever. “We all have the same 24 hours,” Sandi says. “What are we doing with it? How can we maximize that time? I think that when we compare the things that we’re doing to others, it’s easy to get jealous. And that takes us away from taking action when we only start comparing. Right? So that actually takes us further away from the goals and what we want to be creating.”
Goal Setting Tips
For anyone struggling with productivity, Sandi recommends looking at your main goal. “You have to know where you’re going,” she explains. “Get really clear on what it is that you want, because if you don’t know, we can’t set the steps in place to make it happen. What I want out of myself professionally, personally, what do I want for my own wellbeing, self-care?”
Once you’ve identified it, the next step is to put an action plan in place. “Focus on three things that you can do every single day that are going to intentionally move you forward towards that goal,” she instructs. “The way you set yourself up for success is you say, okay, look, this is the game plan for the day. What are the three things that are my non-negotiables that I am going to stick to and accomplished?”
“And then once you complete those, you can move on to whatever else you need to get done. But we want to set you up for success. Not build a list of 20 things and try and get those done. There’s no way that’s going to happen. So just be intentional with your time,” Sandi says.
For moms who are also in charge of child care and even homeschooling, she recommends finding the little pockets in your day. “Whether it’s before the kids are up, nap time, after they go to bed, when you have that uninterrupted time to really move forward,” she says. “And don’t beat yourself up over the things that you’re not doing, because that’s the fastest way to failure, to just get into that downward spiral. We want to focus on all the positives moving forward and getting that progress every day.”
Her new book Slay Your Day aims to be an introduction to setting up systems and the blueprint for your life.
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– Tori