6 Steps to Reaching Your 2020 Goals

Get Clear On Your Goals

We’re halfway through 2020 and if you’re like me, you’ve never had a year quite like this. But what do I always say? Crisis moments lead to breakthrough! On top of that, I have even better news — we still have 6 months to go!

Why is that good news? Because that means you still have plenty of time to get clear on your goals and vision, which will help you to end the year feeling accomplished and ready with more goals for 2021.

No matter what goals you have for the remainder of this year, whether you’re competing in a pageant or doing something else that you really desire in life, you need to get clear on your “Big Why.”

Your mission is what drives you on the days where you want to sit there and binge-watch TV or eat the chips instead of the chicken and broccoli.

Let’s dive into the process of how to get clear on your goals and the steps it takes to accomplish them.

Step 1: Reflection
When the year began, what were three goals that you really wanted to accomplish by the end?
Even if you didn’t write them down, I’m sure you had some sort of plan in mind, whether it was to get healthier, write a book, or have better relationships, a positive mindset, land your dream job or internship, or to be a better mom.
Whatever those goals were, please do not judge yourself. Just be open, honest and vulnerable because that’s the only way we get better. We have to actually dive deep into our hearts and our souls to figure out what it is we can do to better ourselves.
If you haven’t accomplished them, that’s ok.
But if you have, what are a couple of things that have really helped you reach the goals? It could be habits or maybe it’s accomplishing another goal. It could be that somebody is helping you like a mentor or coach who guided you along the process.
What are some things that haven’t helped you? Did you develop a bad habit, maybe during quarantine, for example? Think about why you haven’t accomplished the goal. And remember to be honest with yourself.
Whether it’s financial health, professional or personal, determine what’s the thing that you’ve been struggling with most.
Step 2: Pivoting

If you’re in the business world right now, you’ve probably heard this word at least a million times, just like I have, and you’re probably a little bit sick of it.

But pivoting is exactly what we all need to be doing right now. 

So what big goal have you changed since January 2020? 

I’ll give you an example. At the beginning of 2020, I went to a personal development conference and I had this audacious goal to create this massive online university for confidence. I decided I was going to create this by the end of the first quarter. So during the first three months of 2020, needless to say, I had to pivot because COVID-19 came around. All of a sudden, we had this worldwide pandemic, everything shut down, and people became pretty tight with their finances. 

I realized that I couldn’t start an online confidence university for women because that was not what people were needing.

Instead, women needed something smaller. So I created the Seven Steps to a Positive Mindset program during this time of our new normal. 

At the beginning of 2020. I had no clue that I was going to be creating that product, but I had to pivot to work with our current situation

For you, it could be about a health goal. Maybe you’d decided you were going to lose 30 pounds in 2020, and then quarantine hit. And you’re like, well, shoot, that dessert sounded pretty good. 

It’s okay. Give yourself some grace. It’s been a crazy tough year. 

Instead, consider a smaller goal, like losing 15 pounds. No matter what, be proud of yourself. 

When you have a goal that can’t or won’t be met, you need to fill it with something else, just like I did with my positive mindset program. If you did pivot and change a goal and you didn’t create another one, write one down right now. Just think to yourself, if it’s December, 2020, what is it that I would love to have accomplished?
If you did fill it, write down another goal that you would like to accomplish by the end of the year. Try to have three goals that you want to accomplish over the next six months.

Step 3: Visualization

Get in a comfortable position. Sit back in your chair, and close your eyes. Imagine that it’s December, 2020 and you’ve accomplished those three goals we’ve talked about above. You did the dang thing. You were persistent in the times that you didn’t want to be persistent. You stuck to it. You persevered. You have healthier relationships, you have more energy, you’re healthier, you’re more positive, and you’re living a life with more purpose. Maybe you landed that dream job, or you got a raise at work, whatever that looks like for you. 

Now I want you to really sit with those feelings… 

What are those feelings that you’re having? Are you proud of yourself? Are you happy? Are you accomplished? Are you grateful? Are you more energized? Are you living life with more purpose?
Open your eyes and write down the feelings that came to mind. Next write down the rewards and the benefits of these goals. 

Step 4: Why Statement

Those feelings in the rewards and benefits are really what form your “why statement.” I want you to create a big why statement that is going to motivate you on those days that are the toughest.

Why do you want to be more positive? Why do you want to have more confidence? If you had more confidence, what could you do with it? I want you to think really deeply on this. That’s what’s going to drive you. That’s, what’s going to get you to December.
Put your why statement on sticky notes so that you see it every day.  

When I was competing to win Miss Missouri USA, I visualized for four years straight that I was getting crowned, Miss Missouri USA. So I would sit there. I would meditate, close my eyes, and I would feel the sash being placed across my body. I would feel the crown being placed on my head. I would hear my name being called Miss Missouri USA, 2018, Tori Kruse. I would hear that and I would feel it. I would visualize it so hard that I would literally start crying.

By the time I actually got crowned, I didn’t even cry because it was like, I’ve been here before. And that’s what I want you to feel. By the end of this year, when those three goals are accomplished, you’re going to think, I’ve been here before. And you’re going to have so much pride and so much confidence. 
Step 5: Habits

Habits are so important. What are some of the good habits that you’ve created in 2020? 

Maybe you’ve decided to speak in a nicer way to yourself. Maybe you’ve stopped comparing yourself to others. Maybe you’ve eaten healthier or worked out a bit more. Maybe you’ve started a morning routine. Maybe you’ve started flossing your teeth…

Write down those good habits that you’ve created this year. Now take a moment and think of some habits that you would still like to create for the remainder of 2020.

Make a commitment to yourself today to eliminate bad habits and fill the space with good habits instead. When you want to create a new habit, stick with it for 21 days. 

Step 6: Consistency

If you can stick with something for 21 days, it’ll become a habit. But you still have to be consistent to see the results that you want to see. 

Whether it’s getting the right amount of sleep each night or exercising regularly for your health, you have to keep doing it. A great way to keep yourself accountable is with a checklist I’ve created. Click here to get it! 

One daily habit I highly recommend is writing down at least five gratitudes a day. This practice sets your heart and your soul up for success. When you start to appreciate the smaller things in life, you realize how fortunate you truly are.  

Be unstoppable,

– Tori