Protect Your Peace Trent Shelton’s Secrets to Purposeful Living

In this powerful episode of The Tori Kruse Show, I sit down with the incredible Trent Shelton, renowned author, speaker, and former NFL player, to dive deep into the importance of protecting your peace and energy.

Trent shares his transformative journey from rock bottom to becoming a global influence, discussing his latest book “Protect Your Peace” and the principles that helped him navigate life’s toughest challenges.

We talk about setting healthy boundaries, the significance of self-care, and the impact of living authentically. Trent’s wisdom and raw honesty will inspire you to reevaluate how you prioritize your well-being and purpose.


[0:00] – Introduction to the episode and guest, Trent Shelton.

[2:15] – Reflecting on past struggles and the importance of protecting your energy.

[7:30] – Trent’s journey from rock bottom to purpose-driven success.

[15:10] – The principles of “Protect Your Peace” and disconnecting often.

[21:45] – The balance between career demands and personal well-being.

[27:50] – Setting boundaries to nurture your soul and energy.

[33:30] – Handling grief and turning pain into purpose.

[39:15] – The power of authenticity and vulnerability in achieving true success.

[44:00] – Closing thoughts and reminder to rate, follow, share, and review.


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