Faith, Family, and Resilience: A Heartfelt Conversation with My 100-Year-Old Grandma Vernita Kruse

Welcome back to The Tori Kruse Show! In this very special episode, I’m joined by the most important guest we’ve ever had: my incredible grandma, Vernita Kruse, who just celebrated her 100th birthday. This episode is a heartfelt journey through her century of life, filled with wisdom, humor, and unforgettable stories. From growing up on a farm in Iowa to raising a large, loving family, Grandma shares her experiences, values, and the secrets to a long, happy life. She shares the biggest changes she’s witnessed, her cherished memories, and the powerful role of faith in her life. This episode is going to leave you inspired by stories of resilience, love, and the simple joys of life. Whether it’s reminiscing about school days in a one-room schoolhouse or the adventures of raising four boys, Grandma’s tales will leave you feeling uplifted and grateful.


[0:00] – Introducing my 100-year-old grandma, Vernita Kruse.

[3:10] – Grandma shares her birth year and exciting plans for her 100th birthday celebration.

[5:45] – Reflecting on the last two years and the new friends and home Grandma has found.

[9:30] – A look back at childhood: Growing up with 11 siblings on a farm in Eastern Iowa.

[12:50] – School days in a one-room country school and the challenge of being bashful.

[17:15] – Walking to school and the simplicity of farm life without modern conveniences.

[21:40] – The story of how Grandma met Grandpa at a soda fountain and their early dating life.

[27:05] – Moving to California during the war and adjusting to a new life while Grandpa served in the Navy.

[31:30] – The role of a telephone operator and the amusing tales from party lines.

[37:00] – The transition from farm life to a new home and the challenges that came with it.



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