How Brittany Driscoll Took Drybar from $30M to $100M and Launched Squeeze Massage


In this exciting episode of The Tori Kruse Show, we’re joined by the dynamic Brittany Driscoll, CEO and co-founder of Squeeze Massage. Brittany shares her incredible journey from working with iconic brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels to catapulting Drybar’s success and now revolutionizing the massage industry. Get ready for an inspiring conversation filled with heartfelt insights, entrepreneurial wisdom, and a deep commitment to creating meaningful experiences. Join us as we explore Brittany’s passion for building love brands, her innovative approaches to business, and her dedication to empowering women. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to infuse their life and business with purpose and passion.


[0:00] Introduction to Brit and her story

[2:15] – Brittany shares her journey from Southern California to Nashville and her early career in marketing.

[5:45] – Taking Drybar from $30 million to $100 million: Brittany’s key strategies and experiences.

[12:10] – The inception of Squeeze Massage and its mission to transform the massage industry.
[18:30] – Building OK Humans and Bright Side: Expanding into mental health and wellness.

[22:50] – The importance of creating love brands and connecting with customers on an emotional level.

[30:20] – Balancing personal life and entrepreneurship: Brittany’s daily rituals and practices for staying grounded.

[34:00] – Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs on leadership, building a team, and maintaining authenticity in business.

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