Create a Lasting Impact by Leading with Integrity with Mayor Crystal Mancilla

We have the incredible Mayor Crystal Mancilla on the show today! Her journey in politics is nothing short of inspiring. We kick off by getting to know Crystal and what sparked her passion for public service. As she walks us through her political journey, Crystal’s stories of leadership and integrity shine through, offering valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in this demanding field.

Balancing family and career is a challenge many of us face, and Crystal opens up about her experiences, highlighting the perseverance and faith that have kept her grounded. Her dedication to servant leadership is truly admirable, and she shares how this principle guides her actions in both her personal and professional life! Crystal leaves us with powerful words of encouragement, reminding us all of the importance of staying true to our values and persevering through adversity.

Tune in to this episode to be inspired by Crystal’s incredible story and to gain a deeper understanding of the dedication and heart it takes to lead with integrity and serve with purpose!


[1:00] Meet Crystal Mancilla

[2:25] Crystal’s Political Journey

[3:30] Leadership and Integrity

[6:45] Balancing Family and Career

[10:25] Faith and Perseverance

[11:45] Servant Leadership

[12:45] Challenges in Politics

[14:20] Serving the Community in Local Government

[17:55] Crystal’s Final Encouragement

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