Purpose-Driven Networking and Community Building with Shannan Hale

In this truly inspiring episode, I walk with Shannan Hale, a dynamic force in the media and community building world. Shannan opens up about her passion for fostering community and connection through her work. We dive deep into how she maintains a healthy balance between her professional hustle and personal rest, and she shares the real challenges and triumphs she’s faced on her entrepreneurial journey.

Shannan also reveals the transformative power of collaboration in building a successful business and community. Her invaluable advice for aspiring community builders is not just motivational but a practical roadmap to creating impactful connections. Plus, Shannan reflects on the significant role gratitude plays in her life and career, reminding us all of the importance of appreciating every moment and every relationship!

If you’re eager to learn how to build a community, balance your life, and succeed in your endeavors with the Spirit as your guide, you won’t want to miss this episode!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

[1:00] Introducing Shannan Hale

[2:25] Shannan’s Media Company

[3:50] The Importance of Community and Connection

[7:40] Balancing Work and Rest

[8:50] Entrepreneurial Challenges and Triumphs

[14:40] The Power of Collaboration

[18:40] Advice for Aspiring Community Builders

[21:10] The Role of Gratitude

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